42: Revolutionary
computer training
free and open to all

Year after year, France has been losing ground in the digital domain. It currently holds the 20th place in this field despite being the fifth largest economy in the world. This decline is attributable, among other things, to an educational system that is no longer capable of training the talent that is required by companies in the new technologies field. However, the jobs of tomorrow will mostly involve the digital technology field.

With this in mind, Florian Bucher, Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac and Kwame Yamgnane  had come together to create a new type of information-technology school, dubbed 42. With its unique pedagogical approach and accessibility to all, completely free of charge, 42 is the most daring response yet to the challenge of information-technology skill development, as well as a source of innovation for the future: 42 will create 1,000 jobs directly per year.

Innovative teaching methods in technology training: Peer-to-Peer learning

The 42 teaching method is innovative in many ways. It represents a new step in the implementation of the principles of « open » education successfully developed over 20 years ago by Nicolas Sadirac and his team. 42 goes further, in fact, by developing a system of self-education: Peer 2 Peer learning. This is a type of participatory learning that allows students to unleash their creativity through project-based learning.

Training that is free, open and accessible to all.

42’s mission is to train the best talents of their generation in the field of computer science and to do so on a broad scale. To achieve this, 42 would like to give all young people an opportunity. Students are selected neither on the basis of financial ability nor educational degree, but solely on the basis of their talent and motivation. By employing this new educational approach, 42 applies neither the academic nor the financial criteria that prevent too many of today’s young people from achieving success.

42 is open to anyone who is between the ages of 18 and 30, whether possessing an academic degree or not. The training is absolutely free: there are no registration or tuition fees. Training takes place over a period of 3 to 5 years.

The selection of students involves several steps: after registration on the www.42.fr site, a screening of the best students is carried out by means of an online aptitude test.  As a result of this test, four thousand (4,000) students will become “eligible” and within a month will form the student “pool” in order to carry out information-technology projects. 42 will then retain the thousand (1000) best students who will then be definitively accepted and return in early November.

The best infrastructure in one place for the best information-technology training.

42 offers its students the very best in terms of IT resources in order to make it possible for them to work in the best conditions, regardless of the personal resources available to them elsewhere.

Featuring a space of over 4200 m², 42 is located in the heart of Paris (in the 17th arrondissement) in a building designed to promote this innovative teaching method.

Open 24/7, it offers the students a friendly environment, with collaborative spaces that are both pleasant and functional.

42 puts the most modern equipment at the students’ disposal: a computing infrastructure comprising more than one thousand top-of-the-line iMac computers, connected to a very high-speed broadband network, large capacity storage servers, and the very best in technology.

42 offers an ideal educational environment that allows for talent to thrive. 42 is a non-profit organization created by Xavier Niel.

More information (photos, interviews and videos) and registration at www.42.fr